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Frequently Asked Questions

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​My list is having a login prompt in production, what can I do?
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​​Edit the webpart, find the AJAX section, make sure the checkbox is checked for Server Render.

​​​My images are not displaying in production, what can I do?

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Double check that the image is published.  You can remove publishing approval on image libraries by going to the library, library settings, click versioning settings​.  Check the following fields:

  1. Content Approval - No
  2. Document Version History - Major Versions
  3. Require Check Out - No

*Only do this on image libraries and document libraries, NEVER page libraries​

​​My anchor tags (bookmarks) no longer work, what can I do?

​​My blog posts do not look correct or aren't showing correctly, what can I do?

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Try reapproving all the posts, you should be able to do this all at once by selecting the multi check box.  If that doesn't work, please contact the service desk (​​

​When I click a link in the authoring environment it takes me to a production page and I lose my editing tools, how do I get to the authoring page?

​I just updated the authoring environment and clicked publish, why isn't my information on production?

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​Content Deployment runs on the top and bottom of the hour (give or take a couple minutes).  So if you published at 10:15 it won't show in production until around 10:30ish.

​I've made a change and content deployment has already run, why don't I see the change in production?

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Sometimes things on the website can be cached.  Try Ctrl+F5 or inprivate (IE) or incognito (chrome) to double check the change was really made.​

​I have changed the title of my page but it isn't changin in the navigation drop down, what can I do?

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​Double check in the Navigation settings that the title isn't a link instead of a dynamic item.  If it is a link you will need to update here as well.  Then it should change.

*Note: Navigation does have about a 5 minute cache in authoring too.

​How do I update my logo?

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​Updating your own logo is very simple, you just need a png and svg image.  Directions for updating this image can be found on the Top Nav page and the Agency Footer page. 

​How do I change my website color themes?

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​Changing your colors is very simple, just follow the User Guide

​What is needed to give a user permissions to my website?

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​When submitting a service desk ticket,  you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Webiste URL
  2. Name(s)
  3. Email(s)
  4. Permission type and location on the website (entire? approvers? subsites?)
  5. Do they need access to settings? Alerts? Media?

​I am trying to edit my page, but it is showing an error and I noticed it is using a page layout that is not one of the approved layouts. What can I do?

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  1. ​Go to the subsite where the issue is occurring
  2. Under the Gear, click Content and Structure
  3. Find the pages library with the broken page
  4. Click the dropdown to the right of the name of the page
  5. Click Edit Page settings
  6. Under Page Layout, click one of the approved page templates
  7. Click Save, check-in page

​How do I edit my information on the media website page? Similar to this page: 

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​You will need to submit a help desk ticket to to request these changes.

​Every time I submit a workflow, I receive an error, what can I do to fix this?

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Check to see if the workflow is not allowing new instances.  Follow the User Guide instructions at the bottom to fix this issue.​

​My new page isn't showing as a tile, what can I do to make it appear?

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​Go to Settings, Navigation:

  1. Under Global Navigation change it to Structural Navigation. Click Save.
  2. Then Switch it back to "Display the same navigation items as the parrent". Click Save.
  3. Make the maximum level of navigation be at least 40 in both fields. 
  4. Under Current Navigation make sure it is"Display the same navigation items as the parrent site".  Click Save.

​I am unable to change the title of my tile because it is greyed out.

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The best way to do this is by going to the page in auth

  1. Click edit
  2. Update the Title on the white part of the page (left corner)
  3. Click edit properties
  4. Change the title name and URL (if you would like)
  5. Check in / Publish

There is cache on the tiles so it might take some time to update (ctrl + F5 when looking).

​I can't see the popular feature filters and the colors don't match the theme color I selected

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Go to settings and reselect your theme color, this should solve the issue.​

​My list and location feature is duplicating its results in Firefox

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Make sure the webpart is in the webpart zone not in the page content area​